• Ring Dishes - Not just for rings anymore. Tell your friends!

    Ring dishes have gotten a bad rep because of that silly word RING in the front. Well, move out the way Ring! Trinket (see what I did there?) dishes are perfect drop spots for jewelry (duh), those pesky bobby pins that end up everywhere in your house, last nights ear plugs if you have a partner like me who snores, your hearing aid during shower time if you're my mom, your retainer during meal time if you're my neice...are you starting to get the picture?
  • One of my Holiday Favorites

    All of a sudden is November 10 and it is CHRISTMAS. I mean, not really - but the holiday rush is starting to feel real as a maker and small business owner. I am Jewish and have never had a Christmas tree, but I love designing ornaments in what I imagine I would like if I were to celebrate Christmas and have my very own tree. 
  • New website, who dis?

    Welcome to my first ever blog post on my brand spankin' new website! If you're new to my brand, oh heyyyyy there. If you're not, then you now that my previous website was a sad sorry state and you are probably wowed and kablowed by my new website with 500+ listings!! I know I am!